Dec 9, 2010

well this new project is going to get interesting i am running energy. I have tried really hard to understand coding and to finger things out my self but 99% of the time it does not go very well. So far I had designed my layouts in photo shop which is what you are seeing below.
This first one is of the main screen that you come to.

Then depending on what you want to enter in color or black and white.

and then this is an example of a zoomed in of a picture.

So my first group discussion and they told me some good things i am going to flip my blue door 180 degrees and also make it so the pictures look like they are sitting on the wood themselves.

I have come to find out over the many hours that what i wanted to do is harder than i thought. I am trying hard but I am not seeing a difference. I really want to understand this language but so far it is not going well.

So today is the due date for this project. I can say that I am happy with the results there are bunch of things that I wish I had done.My plans is to incorporate alot more motion into the site. But I need to turn in some kind of progress. I am definitively going to work my but over the summer and learn flash. I have just got a member ship to lynda with will become by best friend. Below are some shots of the progress of today. Hopefully Dave wont fail me I can honestly say that I tried hard to understand the program even through I felt like i was hitting a brink wall most of the time even though I have learned a lot from the projects and tutorials.

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